Conjuring up fantastic one-offs with textile markers​

Paint jeans with dragonfly motif

Your favourite jeans are past their prime? There’s no need to throw them away anymore –​ in just a few simple steps, you can turn them into a new it-piece! That’s not only creative ​but also sustainable. And in terms of imagination, the sky’s the limit!​

  • Everybody 
  • 60 min
What you need:
  • Textile markers
  • Jeans or another item of clothing
  • Stanley knife & solid base for cutting
  • Thick paper for your template & dragonfly template or a motif of your choice as a template
  • Paper/cardboard backing so that the colours don't bleed through to the reverse

Step 1

Using a pencil, draw the outlines of your chosen motif on paper, place your drawing on a cut-resistant surface and cut along the contours with the Stanley knife.Press out the inner surfaces – now you can start colouring!

Step 2

Make sure you have a piece of paper or cardboard between the different fabric layers so the colour does not bleed through. Place the stencil on the fabric and try not to move it when colouring.  And now get started. The colours can even be blended so that you can make really great colour transitions.

Step 3

If you want to go over the motif again, try to place the stencil exactly where it was before.

Your one-off is finished! ​

Incidentally: The colours are fixed after 24 hours, but if you can't wait that long, iron over the fabric (not a steam iron)

Tip: To protect your hand-decorated one-off from too much mechanical friction in the washing machine, simply turn the item inside out or use a laundry net. Washing by hand with mild detergent is even gentler.

Have fun with your new favourite jeans!