Enjoy the summer!

Creative decoration ideas for your neon party

Have a neon party with friends and family this summer that no one will forget! With self-designed coasters and place names, a painted water jug, decorated glasses and a multi-coloured garland, nothing stands in the way of the perfect summer party!

Our new water-based Neon and Creative Markers, which are both smudge- and splash-proof, are ideal as creative helpers for bright accents. Be inspired by our design ideas and simply download our templates. The markers with the 1.5 mm wide fibre tip give your creativity free rein!

  • Everybody 
  • 60 min
What you need:
  • Neon Markers (6 colours)
  • Creative Markers (white as snow & blackout)
  • Slate plates, cork coasters & water jug
  • Colouring templates & paper
  • Cardboard, scissors & string

1. Place names

Handlettering meets slate

Place names of a different kind: Why not get small slate coasters you can quickly and easily write the names of your guests on?

We recommend our Creative Marker in the colour white as snow. Beforehand, the handlettering can be sketched with a white pencil. And if you happen to make a mistake: the water-based ink means you can correct small mistakes using a cotton bud with a little soap and water on the slate.

The Neon Markers, available in six bright colours, are creative all-rounders on various surfaces and perfect for using on slate. Be it watermelon, lime, orange or blueberry – which is your guests’ favourite fruit? Decorate the place names accordingly by mixing the different neon colours on the slates.

Tip: By overlaying the colours after drying, you can also create darker shades resulting in a 3D effect.

2. Coasters

Continue the fruit motif on cork coasters …

The strong colours also brilliantly come into their own on cork. Draw on small cork coasters with the Neon Markers to match the place names.

The best way to do this is to paint the fruit in a circle around the outer edge of the coasters.

3. Water jug

...and on glass.

Give your water jug the right look too!

Before you decorate it with the Neon Markers, clean it thoroughly with detergent to remove grease residues, such as fingerprints.

Tip: To make the water-based neon ink on your jug waterproof, fix it in the oven at 160° for 30 minutes. If you want to change your design later and repaint your water jug, simply put it in the dishwasher.

Make additional ornaments with different-shaped large and small decorated stones and place them on the table as colourful eye-catchers. Also a nice idea as a souvenir gift for your guests!

4. Garland

Combine fruit elements to make a garland with handlettering

Naturally, you can also use the Neon and Creative Markers to conjure up beautiful summery elements on paper and cardboard.

How about a homemade garland that will create a party atmosphere in bright colours from afar?

Simply print and cut out our template and colour in the different types of fruit in neon colours, or be inspired by our garland and create your own! Summery handlettering also looks great in the colourful garden garland.

Download: template garland