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Poly Matic Mechanical Pencil and Poly Ball Ballpoint Pen

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The ultimate writing experience and bold colours – this is the new POLY MATIC mechanical pencil with its unbreakable 0.7mm lead. Another very practical feature is that the lead advances automatically – pressing the button is not necessary. The eraser is extra-large and therefore lasts much longer.

The POLY MATIC comes in bright pink, orange, blue and green, perfectly matching the low-friction POLY BALL XB ballpoint pen. Its innovative XB refill glides smoothly over the paper like no other, is indelible and, of course, refillable. The POLY BALL is also available in these four on-trend colours. Both pens are now proving their worth to abundant writers like pupils and students: namely, their ergonomic surface allows fatigue-free writing, especially for long manuscripts.