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111th anniversary Polychromos artists colour pencils
Polychromos: enjoying unrivalled popularity with anyone who loves creating with colour.
Highlighter Textliner
Creative ideas for the Bullet Journaling trend with our new textliners!
Creative Set Compasses
Robust gear wheels, firm central wheel spindles, easily adjustable legs as well as non-slip needles and lead clamps for exact lines are standard features of all Faber-Castell compasses.
Videos - Stylus
The Stylus pencil
The Stylus pencil has a clever secondary function: its cap can be used to operate touch screen tablets or smartphones, as an extender and to protect against tip breakage
Grip marker
Uniqueness in design, ergonomics and economic efficiency are significant for the new GRIP marker line. It includes four useful pens, all designed in the comfortable magnum format.
Videos - Polyball
Polyball XB
The POLY BALL XB, represents a new generation of trendy low-friction ballpoint pens in fresh colours.
Videos - Polyball - polymatic
Poly Ball XB and Poly Matic
The ultimate writing experience and bold colours – this is represented by the new POLY MATIC mechanical pencil and the POLY BALL XB ballpoint pen.