Cool upgrade for working at home: the Black Edition colour pencils

Have a closer look at the tin of 36

Have a closer look at the tin of 24

Have a closer look at the tin of 12

Black Edition colour pencils Neon & Pastel  

The new black is colourful! The Black Edition spices up everyday school life and belongs on the desks of cool kids and teens. Now the series is getting another stylish addition - with the trendy shades neon and pastel, which set powdery and bright accents, respectively, and are super soft: The lead guarantees a very soft stroke and particularly bright colours, even on dark or coloured paper. Thanks to special gluing, it is also break-proof. The ergonomic triangular shape ensures that the trendy drawing tools fit perfectly in the hand. Extra contribution to climate protection: the Black Edition colour pencils come from carbon-neutral Faber-Castell factories and are made of wood from sustainable, certified sources.  

Black Edition Set of 50: 

If it may be a little more: The Black Edition 50er Set is the perfect gift idea for all who can not get enough of the super bright colours. The 50 individual shades look particularly great in the cardboard display that is part of the set. 

Coole colourful home office

We all know this: an inspiring environment makes us all equally productive. The more comfortable we feel, the more creative we can be. This also applies to work in the home office. True energy boosters are stylish utensils that harmonise perfectly with the home ambience - like the Black Edition colour pencils from Faber-Castell. Matching the hip All Black trend from the interior design sector, they now provide cool decorative objects for a casual upgrade in the living room and study. And their look hits the bull's eye: the dark barrel allows the bright colours to set the stage, further enhancing their radiance. 
But for decoration purposes alone, the stylish edition is definitely too good to go it alone, because it has even more to offer: The pens are made of high-quality wood from sustainable forestry, fit perfectly in the hand with their ergonomic triangular shape and guarantee fantastic creative results: Thanks to the supersoft lead, the brilliantly bright colours come out especially well, even on dark or coloured paper.

Black Edition colour pencils, cardboard box of 24
Black Edition colour pencil, cardboard box of 36
Black Edition colour pencils, cardboard box of 12

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